Shock Video: Gang Stops Traffic, Robs FedEx Driver

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(TStarnes) – A gang of black thugs stopped traffic on a busy roadway in Memphis and robbed a FedEx driver.

KWAM News Radio AM 990 Memphis obtained video of the attack as it happened. The video, which you can watch below, shows a number of thugs stealing packages from the back of the FedEx truck.

The driver was at the intersection of Riverport Road and West Mallory Avenue when suddenly multiple drivers blocked the intersection.

Thugs then broke the safety latch on the back of the truck and then all you-know-what broke loose. The robbers scattered before police could make any arrests.

However, early Sunday morning police detained three men at an apartment complex. The men admitted they had taken items from the truck.

Among the recovered items were four kicker speakers, one headlight, a 14-piece pot and pan set and three direct cable television boxes.

Memphis has been controlled by Democrats for generations and most recently, by radical progressives. They refuse to address the crime issue and as a result the city has been turned into a war zone.

District Attorney Steve Mulroy campaigned on a soft-on-crime platform and now the voters are getting what they voted for.

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