Video: Biden Gets Completely LOST During Ceremony

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(SNews) – Democrat President Joe Biden looked lost and confused and he wandered aimlessly during a Veterans Day wreath-laying ceremony.

During the event at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday, Biden needed to be directed by a guard as he became confused after placing a wreath in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Biden wandered around in circles and needed to be guided by a member of the Honor Guard.

The president seemed confused about what to do.

He turned around to walk back to his place but then suddenly turned back around towards the wreath.

Many on social media suggested that Biden appeared as though he couldn’t remember laying the wreath, just moments after doing so.

Video of the event shows a member of the Honor Guard raising a gloved hand to gesture for Biden to return to his place.

The disturbing moment was captured live on C-SPAN and highlighted by critics on social media.


While Biden has stumbled and fumbled around a stage many times, the latest incident comes as more questions are being raised.

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As Biden seeks a second term in the White House, many, including Democrats and their corporate media allies, are rasing concerns about the president’s age and fitness.

In a Friday newsletter, Politico called Biden’s age “no laughing matter these days.”

“It’s at the heart of his precarious standing in the polls and he needs a strategy — something, anything — for addressing voters’ concerns about electing an octogenarian to a second term which will end when he is 86 years old,” the outlet wrote.

“In August, about three-quarters of adults in an Associated Press-NORC poll said they think Biden is too old to effectively serve as president.

“Even among Democrats, the numbers were scary — 69% said he was too old.”

The newsletter noted that the poll asked voters what words came to mind when mentioning Biden.

More than a quarter of poll respondents used words associated with age, such as “old, outdated, aging, and elderly.”

15 percent mentioned words associated with being “slow and confused.”

The report also noted that President Donald Trump, Biden’s top challenger for 2024, does not suffer from the same perception.

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