Top Democrat Posts Photo of ‘No Whites Allowed’ Christmas Party

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Boston’s Democratic mayor, Michelle Wu, recently shared a photo on social media showcasing her taxpayer-funded Christmas party that has stirred controversy. Despite facing widespread criticism from her constituents and citizens nationwide, Mayor Wu proudly posted an image of her racially exclusive event on Instagram.

According to a report by Slay News, Wu sparked outrage when she mistakenly sent invitations to white city employees for her “electeds of color” gathering. Although her office later issued an apology, it solely addressed the error of inviting white individuals who were explicitly prohibited from attending. No apology was given for hosting a racially discriminatory “holiday party” funded by taxpayers.

The photo shared by Wu captures a group of 17 individuals happily gathered around a dinner table at the exclusive event, which took place on Wednesday.

“Last night was my turn to host the annual holiday dinner for Boston’s elected officials of color – a special moment to appreciate that our affinity group now includes leadership across city, state, county, and federal offices,” Wu wrote in the caption alongside the photo.

Earlier this week, an invitation to a party at the city-owned Parkman House near the Massachusetts Statehouse was mistakenly sent to the entire city council by a member of Wu’s staff. After realizing the error, the aide promptly sent out a second email apologizing for the initial mistake.

The city council consists of 13 members, with six being minorities and seven being white. However, the white members were not included in the invitation. Wu, the city’s first Asian-American mayor, did not apologize for excluding white city leaders from the party. Critics have condemned the party as segregationist and anti-white, with Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld accusing Wu of displaying “blatant racism.”

The exclusionary nature of the invite was criticized by one white member of the city council as “unfortunate and divisive,” according to the Boston Herald. On the other hand, black City Councilor Brian Worrell defended the invitation, suggesting that the “holiday party” was a way to represent various special groups within the Boston government. Wu, on Friday, praised the dinner party as a celebration of diversity, highlighting the increase in minority lawmakers since her initial election to the city council in 2014.

“Not too long ago in Boston, we didn’t need such a big table to fit electeds of color,” Wu wrote in her Instagram post.

“But over my time as a City Councilor and now Mayor, following so many leaders who have paved the way, I’ve proudly watched this group grow and create space for mentorship and fellowship among many who are breaking down barriers while holding the weight of being the first or only.”

“And at the holidays, we take the time to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company!”

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