Trump Gets HUGE News Right After Guilty Verdict… It’s ON

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Several prominent GOP donors have committed to donating millions of dollars to support former President Donald Trump following his conviction on all 34 counts in his Manhattan business records trial. Many of these donors see the case in New York as a politically motivated attack rather than a pursuit of justice, aligning with Trump’s belief that Democrats are trying to undermine him before the upcoming election against President Joe Biden.

Reuters has reported that these donors are eager to back Trump financially as he prepares to return to the campaign trail for the 2024 election. Notable donors such as Miriam Adelson and Robert Bigelow are among those supporting Trump, with their contributions expected to fund a range of pro-Trump initiatives in key battleground states, including advertisements, door-to-door campaigning, and phone banking efforts.

Reuters continued, “the verdict also spurred some longtime Trump donors to boost their financial support for Trump – and, in at least one case, make a big donation to him for the first time.”

Robert Bigelow, one of the top supporters of Trump who has donated more than $9 million to an external group backing him, expressed his disapproval of the criminal charges brought against the former president, calling them a “disgrace.”

“I’m sending President Trump another $5 million as I promised him,” the he Reuters.

Shaun Maguire, a bigtime Silicon Valley technology investor, also shared on social networking platform X following the decision that he contributed $300,000 to endorse Trump.

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