Violent Illegal Gives America Middle Fingers After Being Set Free

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Jhoan Boada, a violent illegal migrant, was apprehended for participating in a mob attack on two NYPD officers. However, he was subsequently released from police custody. Upon his release, the 22-year-old Boada brazenly displayed his contempt for the American people by defiantly raising both middle fingers, exhibiting no remorse for his criminal actions. Boada’s offensive gesture occurred after he was freed from charges of assaulting a police officer.

This illegal alien was involved in a shocking gang assault near a migrant shelter in Times Square, which is funded by taxpayers. Despite the gravity of the charges against him, Boada appeared unfazed as he arrogantly directed his offensive gesture towards reporters and members of the public.

With a proud smirk on his face, he confidently faced the media and photographers outside the Midtown South Precinct in Manhattan. Videos also captured Boada and his accomplices laughing as they departed the station without having to post bail.

Boada, along with a group of unauthorized immigrants, assaulted an officer and lieutenant from the NYPD in close proximity to the New Amsterdam theater.

The disturbing incident, captured on camera, has garnered significant disapproval from various quarters. A total of seven individuals without legal status have been formally accused in connection with the assault.

The charges brought against them encompass offenses such as assaulting a law enforcement officer, engaging in gang assault, impeding governmental administration, and engaging in disorderly conduct.

The attack was caught on camera:

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