Shock Video: Migrants Brutally Attack NYC Cops And Get Away With It

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In the sanctuary city of New York City, New York, a group of migrants launched a brutal assault on officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) on Tuesday. Surprisingly, these migrants were subsequently released from custody without having to pay any bail.

As reported by the New York Daily News, the incident took place in Midtown Manhattan, right outside a migrant shelter funded by taxpayers. It is worth noting that all of these migrants are currently residing in shelters that have been established using taxpayer money, under the supervision of Mayor Eric Adams (D).

Disturbing footage of the attack reveals the merciless beating inflicted upon the officers by the mob. They resorted to kicking the officers in the head and back, simply because the officers were attempting to apprehend one of the migrants.

After a thorough manhunt in the vicinity, two 19-year-old migrants, a 21-year-old migrant, and a 24-year-old migrant were apprehended and accused of assaulting police. Meanwhile, the officers received medical attention at the site of the attack. However, due to a New York state law that exempts suspects charged with certain “nonviolent” and numerous violent crimes from posting bail, all four migrants were subsequently released from custody without bail.

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