Trump Storms Out Of Courtroom, Rips Into Judge

Outside the courtroom where his fraud trial is ongoing, former President Donald Trump criticized Judge Arthur Engoron, sidestepping questions about his “dictator” remarks and the previous night’s debate.

In the fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, Judge Engoron is presiding over Trump’s trial. Trump has been a frequent presence during the trial, seizing multiple opportunities to address reporters in between proceedings.

Once again, Trump appeared in court on Thursday morning, and reporters bombarded him with questions about the candidates “taking shots” at him during the previous night’s debate and his recent declaration to be a “dictator” on “day one”—but Trump had other intentions.

A reporter asked Trump, “What’s your reaction to the governors taking shots at you yesterday? The president did well yesterday. What is your reaction to the governor?”

“Thank you very much. Everybody is. This is a witch hunt, the likes of which probably nobody has ever seen. And you have people being murdered outside all over the streets. They’re being murdered. This violent crime, and this attorney general is crazy. She’s a lunatic. The attorney general. Sincere because she knows that she has a judge in the matter. With all the evidence that you have, that judge is going to rule in their favor. He ruled against me before the case even started. The case had started. He knew nothing, and he ruled against me,” Trump declared.

“The other thing is, this is an oral argument. I’m sure it was what was good for her case. And the value of $18 million when, in fact, it’s worth anywhere from 50 to 100 times that amount. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. But just remember what I said at the beginning. We won at the appellate division, and this judge refuses to honor that victory or that decision for that demand. Thank you very much,” Trump added.


In less than a week after a lower court affirmed the gag order imposed by the state judge overseeing his civil fraud case, Trump filed an appeal to the New York Court of Appeals.

As reported by The Washington Examiner, Trump has been subject to a gag order since the initial weeks of his trial, commencing in October, due to his social media posts referencing Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron and his staff. The Examiner highlighted that Trump’s filing became part of the New York Appellate Division, First Judicial Department docket on Monday, revealing the former president’s intention to challenge the lower court’s decision before the state’s highest court.

“Engoron contends his principal law clerk, Allison Greenfield, has sustained harassing and antisemitic messages ever since Trump posted a picture of her with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and referred to her as his ‘girlfriend’ on Oct. 4, the second day of the civil fraud trial against the Trump Organization,” the outlet explained.

“Trump was ordered to delete the social media post and entered a gag order against him that day. Engoron has ruled Trump has violated the order twice and fined him a total of $15,000 so far, a fee Trump has already paid out,” the report continued. “The order has since been expanded to block Trump’s attorneys from commenting about his communications with the clerk, who sits next to Engoron during the trial.”

Meanwhile, in addition to facing federal and state charges, former President Trump is confronted with legal challenges aimed at preventing him from appearing on the 2024 ballot in multiple states.

A coalition of parties, including more than a dozen attorneys general from states under Republican control, has submitted briefs in a legal dispute questioning the constitutional eligibility of Donald Trump to be listed on Colorado’s 2024 ballot.

After last month’s ruling against six voters who argued that Trump’s role in the January 6 attack on the U.S. lacked foundation, the Colorado Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in the case this week. An insurrection clause from the Civil War, barring individuals who engaged in insurrection from holding office, is central to this legal challenge, as reported by Colorado News.

In her November 17 ruling, Judge Sarah B. Wallace asserted that the 14th Amendment’s Section 3, which prohibits individuals from holding office again if they engage in insurrection after taking an oath to support the Constitution, does not apply to the presidency. Despite finding that Trump “engaged in insurrection” according to that provision, Wallace concluded that the president is not covered by the list of “officer(s) of the United States” in Section 3.

Both parties promptly appealed the case to the state’s highest court. Plaintiffs, backed by the Washington, DC-based nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, argue that Wallace’s determination regarding the president’s exclusion from Section 3 is “nonsensical.”

Legal representatives for Trump have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to scrutinize various aspects of the case, challenging the conclusion that the former president was involved in an alleged insurrection.

ALERT: Biden Launches Chilling Attack On 2nd Amendment

In response to the tragic shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where a gunman armed with a handgun killed three people and critically wounded a fourth, President Joe Biden has called for a federal ban on so-called “assault weapons.”

The suspected shooter was identified as a 67-year-old individual who had applied for a professor position at UNLV but was not hired. At the time of Biden’s statement, specific details about the incident, such as the shooter’s description and the type of weapon used (a handgun), were not yet known. Despite this, Biden used the event to advocate for an unconstitutional ban on “assault weapons.”

“For all the action we have taken since I’ve been President, the epidemic of gun violence we face demands that we do even more.

“But we cannot do more without Congress.

“Republican lawmakers must join with Democrats in Congress to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, pass a national red flag law, enact universal background checks, require the safe storage of guns, and advance other commonsense measures that will help stem the tide of gun violence.”

Biden concluded his statement by mentioning the UNLV shooting and the reported killing spree by Shane James in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. Notably, Sheriff Javier Salazar of Bexar County stated that James allegedly used “a large caliber handgun.” It’s essential to highlight that this specific detail was not available when Biden issued the call for an “assault weapons” ban.

Watch: Fox Star Goes To WAR With Biden’s Press Secretary

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to categorize anti-Israel protesters on college campuses in the United States as “extremists,” despite instances of antisemitic rhetoric, acts of violence, and growing concerns among Jewish students.

In a White House press briefing, Fox News’ Peter Doocy inquired if President Joe Biden viewed the protestors as “extremists.” Jean-Pierre avoided a direct response when Doocy further questioned whether Biden perceived the protests as a manifestation of youth engagement or if he held a pessimistic view of the next generation.


Trump UNLOADS On Corrupt Judge… Wow

Former President Donald Trump expressed strong criticism for Judge Arthur Engoron after the judge denied a motion in the $250 million civil fraud case filed against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Upset by the ruling that required his Monday testimony to proceed, Trump stated that the judge should be “thrown off the bench.”

Trump asserted on his Truth Social platform that they had completely proven their case. He also criticized his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, calling him the attorney general’s “sole witness” and demanding his prosecution for alleged lies.

“Trump wrote: We have totally proven our Case against the Corrupt, Racist, New York Attorney General, Letitia “Peekaboo” James. The Banks, Insurance Companies, virtually everybody said we were “GREAT,” PERFECT LOANS, NO VICTIMS! Their sole Witness has been completely discredited, and admitted he lied about everything. He was the only Witness they had, and should be prosecuted for his lies. The Judge and the A.G. falsified the value of Mar-a-Lago and other Assets to make me look as bad as possible, and got caught. For anyone else, what they did would be considered FRAUD, and they would be thrown off the “bench” and out of office….”

Trump’s legal team submitted a motion to Judge Arthur Engoron, requesting a delay in his Monday testimony as they appeal a gag order imposed by the judge several weeks ago. According to the Washington Examiner, Trump has been subject to a gag order since the initial weeks of his trial, starting in October, because of social media posts referencing Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron and his staff. The Examiner reported that Trump’s filing was listed on the New York Appellate Division, First Judicial Department docket on Monday, indicating his plan to appeal the lower court’s decision to the state’s highest court.

“Engoron contends his principal law clerk, Allison Greenfield, has sustained harassing and antisemitic messages ever since Trump posted a picture of her with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and referred to her as his ‘girlfriend’ on Oct. 4, the second day of the civil fraud trial against the Trump Organization,” the outlet explained.

“Trump was ordered to delete the social media post and entered a gag order against him that day. Engoron has ruled Trump has violated the order twice and fined him a total of $15,000 so far, a fee Trump has already paid out,” the report continued. “The order has since been expanded to block Trump’s attorneys from commenting about his communications with the clerk, who sits next to Engoron during the trial.”

Meanwhile, alongside the federal and state charges confronting Trump, the former president is grappling with legal challenges aiming to prevent him from appearing on the 2024 ballot in multiple states.

A broad coalition, including more than a dozen attorneys general from Republican-controlled states, has submitted briefs in a legal dispute questioning the constitutional eligibility of Donald Trump to be listed on Colorado’s 2024 ballot.

Following a recent ruling that dismissed claims by six voters asserting that Trump’s role in provoking the January 6th attack on the U.S. lacked merit, the Colorado Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in the case this week. The presence of an insurrection clause from the Civil War, barring him from the Capitol, is cited in the challenge, as reported by Colorado News.

In the November 17th ruling, Judge Sarah B. Wallace declared that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which prohibits someone from holding office again if they engage in insurrection after taking an oath to support the Constitution, does not apply to the presidency. Despite finding that Trump “engaged in insurrection” based on that provision, the judge asserted its inapplicability to the presidency. The case is now under appeal in the Colorado Supreme Court, awaiting a forthcoming decision.

Notably, courts in other states, including Arizona, Minnesota, and Michigan, have rejected similar arguments from the plaintiffs.

Liberal NYC Mayor Adams STRIPPED of Power

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing a new scandal as allegations of “extensive” failures in reporting migrant spending have surfaced. NYC Comptroller Brad Lander has taken the step of revoking the emergency powers granted to Adams, which allowed him to engage in taxpayer-funded contracts for migrant services without prior approval.

Initially authorized in November 2022 to address the migrant crisis, these emergency powers enabled Adams to make deals without seeking the comptroller’s preapproval. However, Lander’s office recently announced the removal of these emergency powers, now requiring the mayor to seek approval before allocating tax dollars for migrant-related expenses.

“Given the rapid expansion of the City’s efforts to shelter arriving asylum seekers, our Office is revising its prior approval,” the letter stated.

“The comptroller’s office citywide prior approval is hereby revoked,” the letter continued.

From May onwards, around $500 million in taxpayer funds has been allocated for diverse migrant services, covering housing, food, and laundry, as per city contract records examined by the Post.

The New York City Comptroller’s office reported that emergency contracts totaling $1.7 billion were spent from January 2022 to September 2023 to address the migrant crisis. During a review of a $432 million emergency contract, concerns were raised about the company’s lack of experience in delivering shelter and support services, prompting the comptroller to reject the contract due to various issues.

“The review found significant delays in agencies submitting required outlines and contracts,” the comptroller’s office stated.

“In FY23, agencies filed emergency contracts on average 144 days (nearly five months) after the start of the contract term even though the City’s procurement rules require that agencies submit contracts to the Comptroller within thirty days.

“The Comptroller’s review also found that agencies likely failed to report the vast majority of subcontractors on these contracts, as required by procurement rules.”

A spokesperson stated:

“Our review found extensive failures to report subcontractors despite problems that surfaced with many of them and 80 percent have no performance reviews at all.”

“In response, we concluded that the most prudent course for the city’s fiscal health and integrity would be to require City Hall to seek prior approval before using emergency procurement on a case-by-case basis, as required by the City Charter, rather than blanket approval to use whenever they want,” Chik added.

Lander stated that agencies “should not defer reporting deadlines and must adhere to guidance around transparency, accountability, and greater cost efficiency when stewarding city dollars.”

“Otherwise, unscrupulous vendors could take advantage of the situation, supplies could go to waste, and the public could lose its trust in government to act responsively and responsibly in times of crisis,” Lander explained.

An insider at City Hall informed the Post that they anticipate the withdrawal of emergency powers will impede the prompt delivery of essential migrant services.

“Do you want it to take longer to get food to people?” the source told the outlet.

“I know everyone isn’t a fan of what we are doing, but if the alternative is to sit and wait in bureaucracy, then whatever.”

Democrats Kick Presidential Candidate Off Ballot

Arkansas election officials have blocked Turkish radical leftist Cenk Uygur from appearing on the Democrat 2024 presidential primary ballot. Despite being born in Turkey, Uygur insists he can overcome the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that a president must be a natural-born citizen.

While the Constitution specifies that a candidate must be at least 35 years old and a natural-born citizen, Uygur argues that these requirements amount to “bigotry.” This decision follows Uygur’s earlier claim of becoming the first naturalized citizen on a presidential ballot after filing paperwork with the state and the Arkansas Democratic Party, despite his parents immigrating to the U.S. from Turkey when he was 8.

“My office has received your candidate filing paperwork,” Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston said in a letter to Uygur.

“However, based on your own proclamation, you are not qualified to hold the elected office for which you filed.

“Therefore, I cannot, in good faith, certify your name to the ballot.”

Cenk Uygur has faced rejections in several states, including key primary states like New Hampshire and Nevada, in his quest to appear on their 2024 presidential primary ballots. Uygur claims that officials are treating naturalized citizens as “second-class” and contends that the 14th Amendment of the Constitution makes him eligible to run for president.

“This is the last form of acceptable bigotry in American society and I’m going to fight it with every fiber of my being,” Uygur said in a statement.

“I’m not going to accept that I don’t belong in my own country.”

Uygur, co-creator of the left-leaning online news and commentary show “The Young Turks,” declared his challenge to President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination in October.

With a previous unsuccessful attempt for a California congressional seat, Uygur’s eligibility for the Arkansas primary ballot became a matter of contention. Reed Brewer, spokesperson for the Arkansas Democratic Party, asserted that, based on precedent court rulings, the party lacked the authority to determine Uygur’s eligibility for the ballot.

“Because of the vagaries of state law, rejecting a filing is simply not an option for us,” Brewer said.

Trump Goes OFF On Far-Left Hollywood Celeb

President Donald Trump has responded to Robert De Niro’s recent anti-American speech during an award show, labeling the Hollywood star as “unwatchable.” Trump, in a Truth Social post, criticized De Niro’s personal life, describing it as a “mess” and asserting that he has “become a total loser.” Trump urged De Niro to focus on his own life rather than attacking others, emphasizing that the actor should redirect his attention.

The critique comes in response to De Niro’s speech at the Gotham Film Awards, where he presented the Gotham Historical Icon & Creator Tribute Award to the cast of Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Instead of sticking to the event, award, or the movie, De Niro took the opportunity to launch into an unrelated anti-Trump rant.

“Lying has become just another tool in the charlatan’s arsenal,” De Niro declared while bashing Trump.

“The former president lied to us more than 30,000 times during his four years in office, and he’s keeping up the pace with his current campaign of retribution,” the “Taxi Driver” actor said.

“But with all his lies, he can’t hide his soul.

“He attacks the weak, destroys the gifts of nature, and shows his disrespect, for example, using ‘Pocahontas’ as a slur,” De Niro added.

The reference here is to when Trump criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for her false claims about Native American ancestry. De Niro’s recent tirade echoes his past emotional outbursts against Trump.

In response to this, Trump used Truth Social on Sunday to criticize De Niro’s acting skills and the recent two-week court case. As reported by Slay News, De Niro faced a lawsuit from his former assistant Graham Chase Robinson, accusing him of “abuse.” Robinson claimed that the 80-year-old actor made inappropriate demands she described as “creepy” and “disgusting.” De Niro lost the court battle, resulting in a $1.2 million damages order in favor of Robinson last month.

“Robert De Niro, whose acting talents have greatly diminished, with his reputation now shot, must even use a teleprompter for his foul and disgusting language,” Trump wrote.

“So disrespectful to our Country.

“He has become unwatchable both in movies and with the FOOLS that destroyed the Academy Awards, bringing them from one of the top shows in the Country to a low-rated afterthought.

“De Niro should focus on his life, which is a mess, rather than the lives of others,” Trump advised.

“He has become a total loser, as the World watches, waits, and laughs!”

Throughout the Trump administration, De Niro consistently voiced his strong dislike for the president, often employing profanity. In 2018, during the Tony Awards, the actor openly exclaimed “F*** Trump!” multiple times while on stage, garnering a standing ovation from the receptive liberal audience.

Alert: Trump Announces BIG New Move Before Debate

Former President Donald Trump is once again planning to overshadow the upcoming GOP primary debate with a townhall-style event hosted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity. The event is scheduled to take place in Davenport, Iowa, on Tuesday, a day before the NewsNation-hosted GOP debate moderated by Elizabeth Vargas, Megyn Kelly, and Eliana Johnson.

The Republican candidate debate is expected to have a more limited field compared to the August gathering, with likely participants including Nikki Haley, DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy. However, the qualification of Chris Christie remains uncertain, as per Deadline’s report.

Despite encouragement from figures like Christie, Trump has skipped the three previous debates, citing his substantial lead in the polls as sufficient reason to abstain.

In a recent observation, former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich highlighted global weariness of the far left, citing elections in Argentina, Italy, and Hungary. He juxtaposed these global trends with the rising poll numbers for Trump, positioning him as the ultimate political outsider.

“This is about their survival. This is literally the behavior of an entire system, which understands it is on the verge of being destroyed,” Gingrich said in an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

“They are looking at what happened in Italy and what just happened last week in Argentina. There is a worldwide movement against left-wing radical, socialist values. Look at Hungary. Again and again, average everyday people are saying no, we don’t want this,” the former Speaker said.

“The numbers for Trump right now get bigger and bigger and bigger. I think what you are seeing on the left is desperation that literally is a survival function. We’ve never seen this, maybe the South in 1860. Other than that, I have never seen this level of desperation in American politics, and it will get worse,” he said.

“They have a candidate who is hopeless. If you watch Joe Biden, you know he is not going to win, and they can’t get rid of him. They have a situation where their opponent is getting stronger and better and more disciplined. I think that leads to a very explosive moment in American history,” the former speaker said.

“Putting him in jail won’t work either. The problem they have got is — I don’t know how it happened, I’m writing a series in American Spectator, I have to confess — I’m not sure how we got to where we are today because it is hard to understand how the modern left somehow went through this permutation, this almost mutant behavior, they are now so radically isolated, and they are losing African Americans and Latinos and in recent polls, they’re losing young Americans and Asian Americans,” he continued.

“All the groups they thought they could count on are thinking, ‘These guys are nuts.’ And they are not going to vote for them,” Gingrich added.

“They know they are nuts because of pain, pain in terms of fentanyl and crime, pain in terms of the price of living, and pain in the number of immigrants crossing the border,” Gingrich added.

“Every time they turn around, they see an incompetent president who is beyond his due date. A reasonable Democratic Party, if it still existed, and it doesn’t, would insist Joe Biden step down. There is no Democratic Party that can do that and he’s not going to step down. And if he did, they get Kamala Harris because in their party, their particular universe, you cannot defeat a black woman,” he said.

Breaking: All Evidence Mysteriously VANISHES… Americans Are Outraged

A Republican subcommittee chairman has disclosed that “all” deposition tapes from the disbanded January 6 Committee have vanished, following the former chairman’s assertion that he had no anticipation of retaining them. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.), overseeing the Committee on House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight, conveyed on Thursday to Just the News TV, stating, “All of the videotapes of all depositions are gone.”

“We found out about this early in the investigation when I received a call from someone who was looking for some information off one of the videotapes, and we started searching, and we had none,” Loudermilk explained. “I wrote a letter to [Jan. 6 committee Chair] Bennie Thompson asking for them. And he confirmed that they did not preserve those [tapes]. He didn’t feel that they had to.”

Loudermilk added that “according to House rules, you have to preserve any data and information and documents that are used in an official proceeding, which they did. [The House Democrats] actually aired portions of these tapes on their televised hearings, which means they had to keep those. Yet he chose not to.”

Newsmax added: “The congressman explained that contrasting the footage with the current Jan. 6 evidence could help piece together what happened that day. Loudermilk points out that former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson has changed her testimony once before and that transcripts alone won’t do justice.”

“When you got someone like Cassidy, who has significantly changed her testimony, I want to see what her body language is when she gave her original testimony. I want to see what her voice inflection is. Was she very confident in what she was saying at that time but then later decided to change it?

“This is why it’s so important that we have those videotapes,” the congressman added, “and I believe that’s probably why we don’t have them … I believe they exist somewhere. We’ve just got to find where all these videos are.”

A legal case initiated by a former attorney for January 6 witness Hutchinson appears to challenge the assertions she publicly made during her testimony before the Democrat-controlled committee.

As per Just the News, the lawsuit also references text messages indicating “that she initially did not want to comply with the January 6 committee’s investigation and appeared to prepare to leak information about the committee’s proceedings to the media independently of her lawyer.”

These text messages date back to just before her initial closed-door interview with the special committee investigating the January 6 riot. They precede her alteration of the account of events following her separation from her initial lawyer, Stefan Passantino. She alleged that Passantino had pressured her to remain “loyal” to former President Donald Trump.

The texts have been presented as evidence in Passantino’s lawsuit against Andrew Weissmann, presently an MSNBC legal analyst, former prosecutor, and deputy to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The lawsuit alleges that Weissmann “publicly impugned [Passantino’s reputation], claiming that Mr. Passantino coached his client, Cassidy Hutchinson, to lie in congressional testimony.”

“This is an insidious lie,” the lawsuit claims. “Mr. Passantino never coached Ms. Hutchinson to lie, nor did he attempt to shape her testimony in any way.”

Text messages that are said to be from Hutchinson seem to suggest that the former aide to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, initially admitted her hesitancy to cooperate with the committee, even though Passantino encouraged her to do so, as reported by Just the News.

“Like how on earth are they doing this to you,” one unidentified person asked the former Trump White House aide.

“I don’t know. But I don’t want to comply. Stefan wants me to comply,” Hutchinson replied.

The January 6 committee, personally chosen by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and featuring Trump critic and then-Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming), presented Hutchinson as a cooperative participant.

In another set of messages, Hutchinson appears to express doubt about Passantino’s media approach regarding her deposition. She indicates the possibility of independently sharing information with the media, apart from her lawyer, to ensure that her “narrative” is presented first.

“So I want to. Stefan wants to wait till after my depo. I have to go in person next Tuesday. He doesn’t think the committee will leak it (“they promised they won’t”) but I don’t trust them,” Hutchinson said to an unknown individual. “And I want it to be my/our narrative that’s out there first,” she added.

Biden Impeachment Bombshell Rocks D.C.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) delivered concerning news for President Joe Biden as his 2024 reelection campaign gains momentum. During a Saturday interview with Fox News, the Louisiana Republican asserted that he has garnered sufficient Republican support to initiate an impeachment inquiry into Biden.

“I believe we will,” Johnson announced on whether he’d have enough GOP votes. “I suspect no Democrats will assist in this effort, but they should.”

He added that this is a “necessary step,” further explaining: “I think it’s something we have to do at this juncture.”

“Elise [Stefanik] and I both served on the impeachment defense team of Donald Trump twice when the Democrats used it for brazen, partisan political purposes,” Johnson said on Fox & Friends Weekend. “We decried that use of it. This is very different. Remember, we are the rule of law team. We have to do it very methodically.”

Just the News reported: “The Biden administration has been facing investigations from House Republicans over his family’s overseas business dealings and alleged weaponization of the federal government. Johnson said that those leading the investigations are being stonewalled by the White House.”

“Our three committees of jurisdiction — Judiciary, Oversight, Ways and Means — have been doing an extraordinary job following the evidence where it leads,” he said. “But now we’re being stonewalled by the White House, because they’re preventing at least two to three DOJ witnesses from coming forward, a former White House counsel, the national archives…the White House has withheld thousands of pages of evidence.”

In the previous month, Johnson revealed that the impeachment inquiry led by the GOP had progressed to a stage where Republicans are poised to gather testimony from “key” witnesses under oath. The Louisiana Republican shared in a statement that he had received an update from House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.), who is heading the inquiry, along with two other lawmakers assigned to aid the investigation—Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith (R-Mo.), as reported by The Daily Wire.

“At this stage, our impeachment inquiry has already shown the corrupt conduct of the president’s family and that he and White House officials have repeatedly lied about his knowledge and involvement in his family’s business activities,” Johnson said, per the statement.

“It has also exposed the tens of millions of dollars from foreign adversaries being paid to shell companies controlled by the president’s son, brother, and their business associates,” he noted further, per the outlet. “Now, the appropriate step is to place key witnesses under oath and question them under the penalty of perjury, to fill gaps in the record.”

The Speaker concluded: “I commend the good work of Chairmen Comer, Jordan, and Smith. As we move forward toward an inflection point in this critical investigation, they have my full and unwavering support.”

Previous Speaker Kevin McCarthy first announced the beginning of Biden’s impeachment inquiry toward the end of September.

“Today, I am directing our House committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden,” he said. “I do not make this decision lightly. Regardless of your party or who you vote for, these facts should concern all Americans. The American people deserve to know that public offices are not for sale.”

“I would encourage the president and his team to fully cooperate,” he added. “We will go wherever the evidence takes us.”

In the preceding weeks, Comer initiated the issuance of initial subpoenas to members of the Biden family, encompassing Hunter Biden and James Biden. Jordan stated this week that Republicans would determine early next year whether to initiate the impeachment process against Biden. He added that the GOP’s impeachment investigation is still in need of some finalization, but a significant number of supporters already believe there is sufficient evidence to warrant impeachment.

“I believe we will get the depositions and the interviews done in this calendar year and then make a decision early next year whether the actual evidence warrants going to articles of impeachment and moving to that stage of the investigation,” Jordan added.