SHOCK REPORT: Government Scientists Are Developing Contagious Vaccines

(Slay News) – As world leaders, government officials, and federal health agencies push mass vaccination programs, they are faced with a major hurdle: Large numbers of people refuse to comply.

For totalitarians, finding solutions that bypass the need for a person’s consent is a priority.

Over the past two decades, scientists have been quietly developing self-spreading contagious vaccines.

The NIH funded this research, in which either DNA from a deadly pathogen is packaged in a contagious but less harmful virus, or the deadly virus’s lethality is weakened by engineering it in a lab.

The resultant “vaccines” spread from one person to the next just like a contagious respiratory virus.

Only five percent of regional populations would need to be immunized; the other ninety-five percent would “catch” the vaccine as it spread person-to-person through community transmission.

This technology bypasses the inconvenience of recalcitrant citizens who may refuse to give consent.

Its advocates highlight that a mass vaccination campaign that would ordinarily take months of expensive effort to immunize everyone could be shortened to only a few weeks.

Scientists have already shown proof of concept in animal populations: in 2000, Spanish researchers injected seventy rabbits with a transmissible vaccine and returned them to the wild, where they quickly passed the vaccine on to hundreds more, reportedly stopping a viral outbreak.

European countries are now testing the technology on pigs.

In the wake of the covid pandemic, about a dozen research institutions in the U.S., Europe, and Australia are investigating the potential human uses for self-spreading vaccines.

The federal Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), for example, is examining this technology for the U.S. military to protect against the West African Lassa fever, a virus spread by rats to humans.

This project, it should be noted, does not require the consent of our military service men and women.

In 2019 the U.K. government began exploring this technology to address the seasonal flu.

A research paper from Britain’s Department of Health and Social Care advised that university students could be an obvious target group:

They do not work so [vaccinating them] will not cause much economic disruption and most have second homes to go to, thereby spreading the vaccine.

Researchers admitted a contagious vaccine for an attenuated flu virus would cause some deaths but estimated the numbers would be fewer than the original influenza virus.

As the U.K. government report described:

Self-spreading vaccines are less lethal but not non-lethal: they can still kill.

Some people will die who would otherwise have lived, though fewer people die overall.

As the saying goes, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Or in Lenin’s formulation, if you are going to chop down a forest then wood chips will fly.

Contagious vaccines are in our future, their champions claim, and are no different than putting fluoride in drinking water.

Plus, for those who find jabs unpleasant, there are fewer needles required.

Government-funded research of lab-engineered viruses to create contagious self-spreading vaccines that bypass the consent of citizens.

What could go wrong?

WATCH: Traitor Chris Wallace Gets SHUT DOWN By CNN’s B Team

(Slay News) – CNN dragged former Fox News star Chris Wallace out from wherever they stashed him after the collapse of the CNN Plus, the failed streaming service, to discuss the Jan 6 committee.

Wallace is a man without a country right now and tried to pander to CNN viewers by saying the Department of Justice is moving too slow in going after Trump admin officials. But to his dismay, he has promptly shut down by CNN reporters Laura Coates, Even Perez, Kaitlan Collins, and Gloria Borger, not exactly the ‘A’ team over at CNN. Ouch.

CHRIS WALLACE: Here’s what I don’t understand about this. This episode involving Jeffrey Clark, and even specifically what happened on January 3rd, is really been gone over. The Senate Judiciary Committee already held a whole series of hearings and these quotes– And I have to say, that’s my favorite quote of the whole episode.

Go back, we’ll talk. We’ll call you when there’s an oil show. I’ve been told that too, go back to your office. We’ll call you when there’s an oil spill. I mean, this is plowed ground. So my question is, why on earth is it only now that the Justice Department or the FBI is going and raiding Jeffrey Clarke’s house?

I mean, we’ve known about this for months. We were discussing on New Day today, Kaitlan, this morning the fact that just the Justice Department is now issuing subpoenas to some of the fake electors. Again, this is something we’ve known about for months. Why–

GLORIA BORGER: They’ve been busy, you know?

LAURA COATES: Well, I mean, you very well have done this before. That’s part of the issue here, what we’re seeing.

CHRIS WALLACE: Well they didn’t search Jeffrey Clark’s house before–

LAURA COATES: Maybe there’s new information that’s come to light from someone who’s now about to testify to say, oh, by the way, there might be evidence of this, but we didn’t see it the first time around.

Is there another cell phone, a sort of burner phone of some kind? Is there other documents it would have been in your possession that you did not hand over? It was not electronic in some way, did you not, did you take something away from the DOJ that you should have taken away when you left the office? All these possibilities are there.

But I totally understand the point of saying this feels a little bit like a either cleanup crew or Johnny come lately.

But remember, Congress has the role of trying to avoid being viewed as partisan with the sword of Damocles of the general elections ahead of them. But DOJ has the problem of trying to get enough in and done before they have to stop because they’re so close to an election.

Well, I think there is protocol that says we can’t keep muddying our hands because it might actually persuade the electors.

EVAN PEREZ: I think to Chris’s point, I think. I don’t think you can interpret the lack of visible action right until now to mean that there was nothing happening.

I think, you know, certainly I’ve heard over the period of months that there was some kind of investigation. We don’t know exactly what is being investigated.

We don’t know what possible crime they’re looking at here. But, you know, they’ve had to look at documents, they’ve had to look at, talk to witnesses.

They have a number of people who they’ve they’ve talked to before they can take an extraordinary step like this.

BREAKING: Liz Cheney PANICS – Makes Desperate Move To Save Her Career

(Slay News) – Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) campaign is now telling Wyoming Democrats to register as Republicans and vote for her over Harriet Hageman in the primary and save her political career.

Liz Cheney told the Washington Post: “I’ve been a conservative Republican since I first voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984. I encourage everyone with principles who loves our country to exercise their right to vote.

“And, damn right, I will continue to give every voter in Wyoming a list of all the key rules for casting ballots in our state. If any eligible voter living in Wyoming wishes to become a Republican, they are free to do so. That is their right.”

“We have anticipated that she would do this and we have accounted for the possibility that a higher number of Democrats than normal would crossover in the primary, and Harriet will still win even if that is the case,” a Hageman adviser said.

“We’re all over it and there aren’t enough Democrats in Wyoming for this gambit to work,” a different Hageman adviser told CNN.

According to The New York Times:

“In the last week, Wyoming Democrats have received mail from Ms. Cheney’s campaign with specific instructions on how to change their party affiliation to vote for her. Ms. Cheney’s campaign website now has a link to a form for changing parties.

Joseph Barbuto, the chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party, was among those who received Ms. Cheney’s instructions.

“Mr. Barbuto said that over the last week, his social media feeds have been flooded with Democrats — and only Democrats — posting about receiving mailers from the Cheney campaign.”

BREAKING: Pelosi CRASH – HORRIFIC Details Of Arrest Emerge

(Slay News) – Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband Paul Pelosi has officially been charged with drunk driving by the Napa County District Attorney.

The DA’s office also revealed that the driver of the other vehicle, that Pelosi crashed into while drunk driving, has suffered injuries from the smash.

“Today, the Napa County District Attorney’s Office issued a criminal complaint, filing charges against Paul Pelosi based upon an automobile collision and driving under the influence arrest on May 28th, 2022,” a statement from the DA’s office said.

“The collision occurred on State Route 29 and Oakville Cross Road at 10:17 pm.

“A blood sample was taken from Mr. Pelosi at 12:32 am and sent to the California Department of Justice for testing.

“Mr. Pelosi’s blood sample had a .082% blood alcohol content.

“The charges filed today include Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Causing Injury and Driving With .08% Blood Alcohol Level or Higher Causing Injury.

“Under California law, these charges can be filed as a misdemeanor or felony.

“Based upon the extent of the injuries suffered by the victim, the District Attorney filed misdemeanor charges.

“This decision is consistent with how our office handles these cases with similar injuries.

“The punishment for driving under the influence causing injury as a misdemeanor is set by California law.

“It includes up to five years of probation, a minimum of five days in jail, installation of an ignition interlock device, fines, and fees, completion of a court-ordered drinking driver class, and other terms as appropriate.

“Mr. Pelosi was released from custody upon his promise to appear for an arraignment in Napa County Superior Court on August 3, 2022.

“The court date was selected by the Napa County Department of Corrections at the time of Mr. Pelosi’s release.

“The survivor in this matter has exercised his rights under the California Constitution Article 1, section 28(b) as amended by ‘Marsy’s Law’ to be treated with fairness and respect for his privacy and dignity and to be free from intimidation, harassment, and abuse throughout the criminal process.

“We ask that all members of the media honor the exercise of his right.

“Evidence in a filed criminal case, including but not limited to: witness testimony, medical diagnoses, photographs, and body/dashboard camera video are properly presented to a court or a jury.

“The District Attorney’s Office cannot ethically release these items to the public under the California Rules of Professional Conduct.

“Prosecutors in California are specifically prohibited from making any public disclosure that will or could prejudice the defendant’s ability to secure a fair trial.

“An attorney who violates the Rules of Professional Conduct is subject to private or public reprimand, suspension, or disbarment.

“We are not permitted to try cases in the court of public opinion; rather, we litigate them in a court of proper jurisdiction.

“These rules protect the constitutional right to a fair trial enshrined in the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

“The Napa County District Attorney’s Office scrupulously follows these rules for all pending criminal cases; this matter is no exception.

“Therefore, this is the extent of information that our office will provide to the public regarding the arrest of Mr. Pelosi outside of a criminal courtroom or in filed documents with the court.”

Drew Hammill, Nancy Pelosi’s spokesperson, said after the arrest:

“The Speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she was on the East Coast.”

BOMBSHELL: Abortion BANS Sweeps The Nation

(Slay News) – Multiple states have moved to ban abortions immediately after the Unites States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday.

As Slay News reported earlier, the SCOTUS officially overturned the landmark ruling and eliminated the “constitutional right” to an abortion.

The ruling gives individual states the power to allow, limit, or ban abortion altogether.

“First, 13 states with ‘trigger bans,’ designed to take effect as soon as Roe is overturned, will ban abortion within 30 days,” The Washington Post reported.

“Several other states where recent antiabortion legislation has been blocked by the courts are expected to act next, with lawmakers moving to activate their dormant legislation.

“A handful of states also have pre-Roe abortion bans that could be brought back to life.”

States with “trigger bans” include:

North Dakota
South Dakota

Another five states, that do not have “trigger bans” but have passed laws going after abortion that courts have struck down, include:

South Carolina

The Post notes that those laws could now easily go into effect with Roe v. Wade being overturned.

“While Indiana has not passed a strict abortion ban, the Republican-led state could go into special session this summer to crack down on the procedure,” the Post added.

“Meanwhile, West Virginia, another Republican-led state, never repealed its pre-Roe abortion ban, and recently added a constitutional amendment specifying that West Virginians do not have a right to abortion.”

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) will reportedly seek a ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

BREAKING: Sean Hannity REFUSES To Comply With Biden’s Demand

(Slay News) – Fox News host Sean Hannity has told Democrat President Joe Biden to go pound sand over a federal ban on vaping by declaring that he is refusing to comply.

Yesterday, Hannity promised to break out his own Juul e-cigarette live on TV, should Biden or Congress succeed in their efforts to ban vape products.

“They ban it, and I’ll do it live on TV and they can come and arrest me,” Hannity declared.

“How’s that?

“Now, while the Biden FDA wants people to stop vaping, many Democratic-run cities and states, they have no problem decriminalizing even hard drugs, even as overdose deaths are spiking.”

Today the FDA banned JUUL Labs products.

The FDA issued a statement that said:

“Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued marketing denial orders (MDOs) to JUUL Labs Inc. for all of their products currently marketed in the United States.

“As a result, the company must stop selling and distributing these products,” the statement said.

“In addition, those currently on the U.S. market must be removed, or risk enforcement action.”

“Today’s action is further progress on the FDA’s commitment to ensuring that all e-cigarette and electronic nicotine delivery system products currently being marketed to consumers meet our public health standards,” said FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf, M.D.

“The agency has dedicated significant resources to review products from the companies that account for most of the U.S. market.

“We recognize these make up a significant part of the available products and many have played a disproportionate role in the rise in youth vaping.”

BOMBSHELL: Supreme Court Hands Biden HISTORIC Loss

(Slay News) – President Joe Biden was not happy with the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in a gun rights case. He said: “I am deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. Since 1911, the State of New York has required individuals who would like to carry a concealed weapon in public to show a need to do so for the purpose of self-defense and to acquire a license.

“More than a century later, the United States Supreme Court has chosen to strike down New York’s long-established authority to protect its citizens. This ruling contradicts both common sense and the Constitution, and should deeply trouble us all.

“In the wake of the horrific attacks in Buffalo and Uvalde, as well as the daily acts of gun violence that do not make national headlines, we must do more as a society — not less — to protect our fellow Americans.

“I remain committed to doing everything in my power to reduce gun violence and make our communities safer. I have already taken more executive actions to reduce gun violence than any other President during their first year in office, and I will continue to do all that I can to protect Americans from gun violence.

“I urge states to continue to enact and enforce commonsense laws to make their citizens and communities safer from gun violence.

“As the late Justice Scalia recognized, the Second Amendment is not absolute. For centuries, states have regulated who may purchase or possess weapons, the types of weapons they may use, and the places they may carry those weapons. And the courts have upheld these regulations.

“I call on Americans across the country to make their voices heard on gun safety. Lives are on the line,” he said.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley wrote:

“As predicted, the Supreme Court handed down a momentous opinion in favor of Second Amendment rights today in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen.

“In what will likely prove one of the most important decisions in his illustrious career as a conservative jurist, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a 6-3 majority opinion that brought greater clarity to this and future challenges under the Second Amendment.

“This case concerned concealed-carry restrictions under N.Y. Penal Law § 400.00(2)(f) that require a showing of “proper cause.”

“Lower courts upheld the New York law, but there were ample constitutional concerns over its vague standard, such as showing that you are “of good moral character.” New York wanted to exercise discretion in deciding who needs to carry guns in public while gun owners believe that the law flips the constitutional presumption in favor of such a right.

“Thomas rejected the two-part analysis used by lower courts and held that the presumption must be in favor of the individual right to possess a handgun in public like other rights in the Bill of Rights.

“The Court held “consistent with Heller and McDonald, that the Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.”

“Accordingly, “because the State of New York issues public-carry licenses only when an applicant demonstrates a special need for self-defense, we conclude that the State’s licensing regime violates the Constitution.”

“New York Gov. Kathy Hochul immediately declared “Shocking, absolutely shocking that they have taken away our right to have reasonable restrictions.”

“The Claude Rain moment aside, it was shocking that Hochul would be shocked. Many of us were predicting a major loss for over a year and New York, as usual, litigated a bad case and made more bad law for gun control advocates.

BREAKING: Fox News Just ENDED CNN Once And For ALL

(Slay News) – Hit Fox News show “The Five” is continuing its domination of cable ratings, coming in as the most-watched show yet again, according to Adweek.

“The Five” had the most total viewers and also enjoyed the second most viewers in the coveted 25-54 demographic.

Tucker Carlson had another great week, coming in second for total viewers but first in the key 25-54 demo.

Meanwhile, CNN saw its ratings fall off a cliff with just 504,000 total viewers in primetime, down 41% from the previous week.

CNN’s 25-54 demographic numbers were also down by 47% from the week before.

According to Adweek: “Fox News’ The Five was the most-watched show of the week (3.08 million at 5 p.m.) and the second-most-watched among adults 25-54 (433,000) at 8 p.m.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight came in second in total viewers (3.05 million at 8 p.m.) and No. 1 among adults 25-54 (483,000).

“Hannity took No. 3 in total viewers (2.62 million at 9 p.m.) followed by Jesse Watters Primetime at No. 4 (2.54 million at 7 p.m.) and Special Report with Bret Baier at No. 5 (2.245 million viewers at 6 p.m.). Fox News as a network secured the top 18 cable news telecasts for the week among adults 25-54.

“How about the broader basic cable landscape? After Fox News and MSNBC, there was HGTV, Hallmark, Discovery, INSP, TLC, Food Network, History, and USA rounding out the top ten most-watched basic cable networks in primetime.

“Fox News, MSNBC, HGTV, and Hallmark were also the four most-watched basic cable networks in total day last week, followed by CNN, INSP, Food Network, USA, TV Land and ID.”

MSNBC came in second place behind Fox News but CNN’s ratings are still in freefall.

The plummeting ratings come rumors are swirling of a major shakeup at the network.

As Slay News previously reported, CNN suffered its worst day in 22 years for the key 25-54 demographic.

In May, “The Five” was the most-watched show on cable news in both total audiences and among the key 25-54 age demographic.

According to Adweek, Tucker took the top two prizes last week:

“On the cable news programming front, Tucker Carlson Tonight was the most-watched show of the week, both in total viewers (3.225 million) and among adults 25-54 (533,000) at 8 p.m.

“The Five came in second (3.19 million total viewers / 412,000 adults 25-54 at 5 p.m.), followed by Jesse Watters Primetime at No. 3 in average total viewers (2.59 million at 7 p.m.), Hannity at No. 4 (2.555 million at 9 p.m.) and Special Report with Bret Baier at No. 5 (2.41 million viewers at 6 p.m.).

“Hannity averaged the third-most adults 25-54 on cable news (404,000), followed by The Ingraham Angle (380,000) and Jesse Watters Primetime (357,000).

“Fox News as a network secured the 15-most-watched cable news shows of the week.”

BOMBSHELL: Ghislaine Maxwell Comes Clean about Working with Clintons

(Slay News) – Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell has revealed that she played a key role in establishing Bill and Hillary Clinton’s global foundation.

In a desperate bid for leniency, Maxwell said in a court filing she deserves a lower sentence for her crimes because of her “history of philanthropy” and “charitable work,” including her work “helping develop the Clinton Global Initiative.”

“Ms. Maxwell has always worked hard,” the court filing states.

“Her many educational, occupational, and avocational accomplishments include becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a helicopter pilot, a submersible pilot, a banker; partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to establish a telemedicine platform to enable people in remote areas to obtain quality medical treatment; helping develop the Clinton Global Initiative; and supporting a variety non-profit and charitable organizations.”

Her lawyer wrote: “She has energy, drive, commitment, a strong work ethic, and desire to do good in the world.

“She has supported friends and family through tough times and personal crisis and currently is assisting women in her unit at the MDC.

“She has endeavored to contribute to society… by helping launch the Clinton Global Initiative.

“The treatment imposed on Ms. Maxwell was unnecessarily and intentionally degrading and threatening.

“While in isolation, a high-ranking prison guard told Ms. Maxwell that there was concern that she would be shot by a sniper.

“Putting aside the reason and propriety of dispensing this alarming information, the diminution of security concerns resulting in her transfer to general.

“On information and belief, one of the female inmates in Ms. Maxwell’s housing unit told at least three other inmates that she had been offered money to murder Ms. Maxwell and that she planned to strangle her in her sleep.

“The inmate who made the threat has been moved to the SHU (special housing unit), presumably to protect Ms. Maxwell.”

“This incident reflects the brutal reality that there are numerous prison inmates who would not hesitate to kill Ms. Maxwell – whether for money, fame or simple ‘street cred,’” the court filing stated.

From The Daily Mail:

The claim puts renewed spotlight on the links between Maxwell, Epstein, and Clinton.

Epstein claimed to have helped Clinton launch the CGI and the former President flew on his private jet – known as the ‘Lolita Express’ – dozens of times.

One photo taken as the jet was about to depart shows Maxwell standing with Clinton on the plane’s steps, the two smiling warmly.

The friendship between Epstein, Clinton, and Maxwell dates back to the mid-1990s at least when they were all photographed together at the White House.

Clinton has denied any wrongdoing in relation to Epstein and said he never visited his private island in the Caribbean as some reports claimed.

BREAKING: GOP Senator Suffers SERIOUS Hand Injury – Possible Amputation

(Slay News) – Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) suffered a “serious injury” to his right hand doing yard work, revealing that it may require “amputation.”

Cramer said the risk of infection is high and he requires “immediate surgery.”

He is in good spirits, joking that he will give his colleagues left-handed fist bumps if the worst happens.

Cramer announced the injury on Twitter, assuring his supporters that he’s in “good spirits.”

He said he was “working in the yard” when the accident happened.

“While working in the yard over the weekend I sustained a serious injury to my right hand which required immediate surgery,” Cramer said on Twitter.

“I continue to remain in North Dakota close to medical care as there is a high risk of infection and the possible need for amputation.

“I am alert and in good spirits.

“Although I am missing this week of votes and hearings, I am monitoring Senate business closely and constant contact with my colleagues and staff.

“I plan to return to Washington DC after the Independence Day state work.

“And expect to be doing a lot of left-handed fist bumps.”

Cramer’s Communications Director Molly Block said:

“For those curious – the risk of amputation is for his fingers.

“@SenKevinCramer is cracking jokes that his future @NFL career is over.”